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Friday, September 24, 2010

Let's play a game shall we?

No, I'm not Jigsaw. What you do is you find a game or movie that you like, or at least is critically acclaimed, on Metacritic and check out the lowest reviews. It will probably make you question your faith in humanity.

Let's start with Half Life 2.

ShinsFortress "It's good, but not great, and certainly not enough of an evolution from one that is purported to be."
He gave it a 3. Which is good, not great I suppose.

JohanG "Overate and boring. Stupid game. Its like lets buy the valve rate team. So we can pwnd all other games. This game is bugged like shit unbalance and you can cheat."
Johan rated it a 2 and finally got around to reviewing it in January, 2010.

Company of Heroes

RonH. "Game Sucks, maybe I was looking for that rush I got from COD2. Immersed intantly in action, I played this for a half hour and never got to use a weapon I guess I thought it was a FPS, if your into strategy I guess you might give it a shot but if you want the kind of action like COD2 Do not buy it, another wasted 50 bucks any one want this game before I chuck it."
For the record, CoH is a real-time strategy game. Apparently this guy was fooled by the WW2 setting and thought it was a shooter. Plenty of other reviews complain that it isn't realistic which it doesn't purport to be.

Mass Effect 2

HaroldL. "The graphics are poor at best and the online is constantly laggy. Overall I was let down by the badly written story and generic characters. This game tries to copy Battleship Earth and does it badly."
I genuinely believe this guy was playing the wrong game. ME2 doesn't even have online play, the graphics are decent to good and how can anyone say that Wrex or Mordin are generic? Also what the fuck is Battleship Earth?


  1. Still haven't played ME2.. Probably should.

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  2. I already have no faith in humanity, that I can tell you.

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  5. > Bad-mouthing CoH.

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