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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hooray for Kotaku

Thanks to the lovely Kotaku, there may be a way to salvage something from my xbox mess. Gamestop will accept the 360 plus hard drive and wireless adapter for around $200. The new 360 elite costs $250 for the bundle so I'll be in good shape. The only problem is getting them to accept it and hoping that the trade in value is the same as the article.


  1. That's a pretty sweet trade if it works, cool!

  2. Oh gosh, it even looks shinier then the non-elite one.

  3. ...doesn't that trade in only work if the xbox is functional?

  4. My 360 has been fine for 2 years...but it's now starting to have trouble spinning the disc. Just says open tray. I'm not happy about this....

  5. >I feel it bears mentioning that my local GameStop manager didn't know about the new model until a customer called him asking for it.

    I wish you well my friend. Wrangling with Gamestop is never a fun experience. Watch out for bears.

  6. ive been through literally 5 360s

    first 3 were launch
    4th was just a shitty product
    5th one is going strong a year and a half now and i can really say microsoft took too long to apply necessary updates to an ailing platform that was frying left and right

    now i have 3 large rectangular doorstops in my house

  7. I see the problem here... Xbox.

    Get a PS3. I heard the 120G Slim is $200 now. If I can find one in Aus I'll be getting that just for GT5.

  8. Save the money for a 3DS D:


  9. 360's have definitely been depreciating....